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Mail Manager

Mail Manger is used to create new e-mail accounts, e-mail forwarding, and autoresponders for your domain, and can be accessed from within your control panel.  Below is a screen shot of what you will see when you first enter your Mail Manager. You will initially see two email accounts, one named your username and one named default.  These were created by the system and the default e-mail should not be deleted.

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Creating New Pop3 Accounts

To create a new Pop3 Email account simply click on the "New Address" link located under your default accounts and you will be taken to the following screen. The username should be JUST the first part of the e-mail account.  For example, if you want to set up an account for julie@juliesworld.com, your username would be julie.

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Change Password

To change the password for an email account, simply click on the pop3 account you wish to change the password for and you will be taken to the following screen.  Input your new password as indicated by the instructions in red. 

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Delete A Pop3 Email Account

To delete one of your Pop3 email accounts, simply click on the address you want to delete and then click on the delete link as indicated in the screenshot below. You will be asked to confirm deletion, simply click yes and the account will be removed.

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Forwarding Email

You can forward email coming to any of your Pop3 accounts that you have created to another account you have created or to an account outside of your domain by simply clicking on the email account that you want to forward. You will be taken to the the same screen where you change the password and delete the account. Below those areas you will see the following part of the screen and you will see a list of the email accounts that you have created, simply click on the account where you want to forward the email to or you can move further down the screen and type in the email address located outside of your domain where you would like the email to be forwarded to.

Once you've made your choices, just be sure to scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the save button to save your changes.

Note: You cannot double forward accounts.  For instance, if you want your e-mail account for support@yourdomain.com to go to julie@yourdomain.com, you cannot then forward julie@yourdomain.com to any other e-mail address.

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An autoresponder is an e-mail message that is automatically sent back to the person that sent you e-mail.  Autoresponders are generally used to provide sales information, thank you notes, or confirmation that an e-mail was received.

You can create an autoresponder for any Pop3 email account that you have listed in your Mail Manager. Simply click the email account that you want to create an autoresponder for and you will be taken to the same screen that you Change Password, Delete, or choose Forwarding Options for that email account. Scroll to the bottom section of that screen and you will see the following box. Click the box to indicate you are including an autoresponse and then type in your response for the autoresponder.  Be sure to save your changes. 

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Email Aliases

You never have to create email aliases. Your default email account is setup as a "Catch All" account, meaning that any email coming to anything@yourdomain.com is delivered to your default account.  Therefore, you should set your default account to forward to the main e-mail account that you will be using.  If you do NOT wish to accept defaulted e-mail on your domain, you can change the settings.  Click on the Default e-mail from your list of e-mail accounts, and choose Bounce Default Email (i.e. reject all email that does not have an address above.) This is an effective way to prevent spam from coming through your domain.  Basically, if someone does not specifically address the e-mail to a valid e-mail account on your domain, the e-mail will be bounced back.


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