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MIME Types

MIME Types are not available for FrontPage users through the Control Panel. Any Mime types needed by FP users will have to be added using the FrontPage program.

The MIME Types option in your Control Panel allows you to set certain programs to be used for specific extensions.

In easier-to-understand terms, MIME Types helps your web server to identify what type of file is being requested by your browser. For instance, when the web server gets a request from a browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape, for a file that ends in .html, the web server knows that it is an html document because that extension is stored in the MIME Type. If the web server gets a request from a browser for a file that ends in .gif, the web server knows that it is an image because that too is stored in the MIME Types. This applies to every file, image, application, etc. that may be requested by a web browser. If the extension is not stored within the MIME Type, the web server will not recognize it and will not be able to assist the browser in producing that particular file for the user.

MIME Types are identified by the server by the following format:

subtype/type extension

For example adding the following two MIME Types will allow users to view ipx images on your web pages:

application/x-ipscript .ips
application/x-ipix .ipx

application identifies the subtype, x-ipscript identifies the application, and .ips identifies the extension used for that application.

For more information on MIME Types you can visit:

How to Add MIME Types

Click on the Mime Types option in your Control Panel and you will be taken to the following window. 

Select the directory in which you want the new Mime Type to apply to.  The most common choice would be your www directory so that it will apply to your entire web site.

The next window you will be taken to is where you will actually add the Mime Type. We've added instructions in red.



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