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Search Engine

To install the WebGlimpse search engine for your site, click the Search Engine icon in your Control Panel.

WebGlimpse adds search capabilities to your WWW site automatically and easily. It attaches a small search box to the bottom of every HTML page, and allows the search to cover the neighborhood of that page or the whole site. With WebGlimpse there is no need to construct separate search pages, and no need to interrupt the users from their browsings. All pages remain unchanged except for the extra search capabilities. It is even possible for the search to efficiently cover remote pages linked from your pages. (WebGlimpse will collect such remote pages to your disk and index them.) Installation, customization (e.g., deciding which pages to collect and which ones to index), and maintenance are easy.

Getting Started

To install the Webglimpse Search Engine, click on the Search Engine option inside your Control Panel and then click on Install Search Engine. It will take approximately 10 minutes for the server to install the search engine.

After approximately 10 minutes, return to your Control Panel and click on the Search Engine option. You will now see a list of options that will enable you to manage the Webglimpse Search Engine. Each option will provide you with complete instructions for setting up and utilizing the search engine.

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