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Site Creation Tool


The Site Creation Tool feature in your Control Panel allows you to create your web site quickly and easily. It is an alternative to using other applications, such as Microsoft FrontPage, Macromedia Dreamweaver or Netscape Composer. The tool is self-guided and self-explanatory, but some detailed instructions are provided in this section to help you in setting up your personalized site.


To create your website using Site Builder, log onto your Control Panel and click on the site builder icon. Then click on the links under each menu (shown below) to choose a style, add your company name and info, to choose the pages you'd like to include on your site, and to add your own content to each page.

General Settings Menu:

Web Page Style - Select the style you would like to use for your website.
Your choices are listed below. Samples of each are viewable at the Site Builder.

Just Business
The Green Machine
Red, White and Blue
White and blue
Service with a Smile
Sailing Away
The Blue Machine
Orange and blue

Company Information -Your company info consists of your business name and your slogan or any other special message that you want to appear site-wide. Whatever you fill in here will appear consistently on all pages, without the need to edit your website's pages one by one.

Business' Name:
Business' Slogan:
Your Email:

Web Site Pages - Choose how many pages you want:

Your website can have between one and six pages.
Turn each page on or off by activating the checkbox next to it.
Only pages with their checkboxed turned ON will be part of your website
Please note: the index-page, 'Welcome', is required and is therefore ALWAYS ON.
For each activated page, you can customize its title, which also appears on the menu for future editing.
To change a page's title, just edit the existing title next to the checkbox. When you are done, click SAVE to register your changes.

Page Contents Menu: These are your website pages (that you chose to include on yoru website by using the "Website Site Page tool" above.)

Main:   Welcome (this is your home page)
Page 1:   About us
Page 2:   Services
Page 3:   Testimonials
Page 4:   FAQ
Page 5:   Contact Us

To add content to each page, click a page name. On the right hand side will appear a "Webpage Content" box where you can edit how that pages looks and what it says.

Publish Site Menu:

After you are done editing each page, click the "Finish" link under the Publish Site menu. If you don't click "Finish", your site will not be saved.

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